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Our Full Line of Pre-Played Merit Megatouch Machines

Merit Megatouch is the leader in touchscreen entertainment. Counter top touchscreen arcade games are popular in bars and homes alike.With over 165 games now available, they will provide endless entertainment and great profits. Merits Megatouch Aurora marks a revolutionary advance for touchscreen entertainment. Improved ergonomics, updated graphics and a revolutionary 19" screen are just some of the new features of the New Aurora that are helping to quickly make it our top selling touchscreen video game. The Gametime now includes a wireless modem and had an optional keyboard for internet access. The Gametime is a perfect choice for a countertop touchscreen for your home. The Ion Evo and Ion Elite Edge are also a perfect choice with games like Photo Hunt and Triava Whiz, but they wont last long, so get them while supplies last! Please call Monkeys to speak with an associate to help determine which counter top arcade will best suite your needs.

As the old saying goes, the best things in life come in small packages. If youre in the market for arcade machines for business or home use, one of the most well rounded options going is found within a Megatouch machine. Although some Megatouch models are rather small in size, donÍt let that fool you. These machines are powerhouses of entertainment that offer something many games do not universal appeal.

Merit Megatouch is considered one of the worlds leaders in touch-screen entertainment. This company specializes in packing endless adventure into a single gaming machine. Monkeys Arcades, in turn, specializes in helping consumers bring these machines home and to the workplace. Megatouch is popular for business and home use for a number of reasons. Merit knows it has a following in both arenas and has responded with models that are uniquely suited for both environments. When Megatouch is the gaming investment of choice, you will quickly discover just why these machines are so lauded.

The beauty of Megatouch is found in the diversity of games these machines offer. Megatouch is truly designed to appeal to players of all ages and gaming tastes. In fact, some models now offer more than 165 different game titles in a single machine. See Aurora game list.

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Megatouch RX Merit Megatouch RX (Pre-Played)

  • Over 150 player-preferred touchscreen games
  • Full credit card support - appeals to younger generations
  • Vivid, 19" widescreen with promotional sidebar

Our Price: $2,995.00
Used Merit Megatouch Aurora Merit Megatouch Aurora 19" Touchscreen (Pre-Played)

  • 19" LCD Display
  • New Joystick Design
  • Colorful Light Display

Our Price: $2,490.00
JVL Echo Countertop JVL Echo iTouch HD3 - Commercial Version

A technological tour de force, ECHO is the only countertop game in the world to feature a high-definition (HD) monitor, a state-of-the-art 3D graphics processor, and a five-speaker hi-fi system.

MSRP: $3,899.00
Our Price: $3,072.00
You save $827.00!
The reason why Megatouch stands out as an excellent investment includes these points that make this style of gaming different:
The diversity of titles Megatouch is designed to be a one-machine powerhouse for entertainment. Merit stocks these machines with games that run the gamut from action titles to puzzle, trivia, strategy and beyond. Fans of just about any style of video gaming will find something to appreciate on Megatouch. These machines even come loaded with titles that are considered kid friendly. This makes them an ideal choice for business and home use when families are in the picture.

The tournament ability Megatouch offers online playability. Thanks to this it is possible for players to enter into tournament-style play with other Megatouch gamers around the world. This increases the fun these machines can deliver in both business and home settings.

Machine style diversity Megatouch machines come in many different sizes and shapes. From wall mount models that are ideal for use in restaurant booths to tabletop and full-size models, there is a package to meet any need.

Megatouch puts a different face on gaming. These touchscreen machines are perfect for anyone looking to make an investment that will pay off with endless hours of entertainment. Monkeys Arcades is poised to help introduce gaming enthusiasts to the endless wonders these big little machines deliver.