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<span style="font-size: 14pt;">The Game You Can't Find!</span>
The Game You Can't Find!

We can't list products fast enough!!!  We can supply you with that specific game that you just can't seem to find... PLEASE CALL 877-FUN-APE1 to obtain your dream machine.
R-Tuned Racing Arcade
R-Tuned Racing Arcade (Pre-Played)

Feel the super fast speed of Nitro Tuned Racing
H20 Overdrive Video Boat Racing (Pre-Played)
H20 Overdrive Video Boat Racing (Pre-Played)
Our Price: $5,495.00

H2Overdrive offers a selection of nine high-tech powerboats that cruise seven visually detailed waterways from around the world. As players motor through the game, myriad jumps, deep drops and secret paths create excitement, different booster levels enhance boat performance and dazzling wipeouts make big splashes.
Nirin Motorcycle Video Arcade Game
Nirin Motorcycle Video Arcade Game

WARNING: This game will make your heart race. It has a tendency to cause multiple rushes of adrenaline. Studies show it can be addicting. In rare cases, users have become excessively competitive and aggressive towards other riders. Use at your own risk.
Guitar Hero Arcade Machine
Guitar Hero Arcade Machine (Pre-Played)
Our Price: $7,559.28

2 player action
Play 11 characters in 8 venues
Radical new cabinet

Trio-Tech Typhoon Motion Theater
Trio-Tech Typhoon Motion Theater
Our Price: $27,812.86

The Next-Gen In Mad Wave Motion!
Blazing Angels
Blazing Angels Sitdown
Our Price: $9,995.00

BLAZING ANGELS, a 360 degree flying game is designed for both novice and seasoned players.
Blazing Angels
Blazing Angels Upright
Our Price: $9,095.00

BLAZING ANGELS, a 360 degree flying game is designed for both novice and seasoned players.
Mad Wave Motion Theater
Mad Wave Motion Theater (Pre-Played)
Our Price: $14,990.00

immersed into a fantasy world roller coaster ride or experiencing an authentic high-speed racecar drive
Monkeys Arcades | Chicago Gaming Redline GT
Chicago Gaming Redline GT
Our Price: $2,995.00

Full Immersion Racing Simulator.  Whether you want to bring home the arcade driving experience or hone your racing skills, this fully immersive racing simulator provides a dynamic gaming platform for your favorite PC and PlayStation 3 games.
Twisted - Nitro Stunt Racing
Twisted - Nitro Stunt Racing (Pre-Played)
Our Price: $6,845.00

Loops and leaps are front and center in this high-flying racing game. High powered F-Jet racers provide a totally realistic racing experience with fine-tuned handling, air controls and over-boosted engines.
Redline Rampage | Monkeys Arcades
Redline Rampage
Our Price: $10,395.00

It's the best of both worlds ... Redline Rampage combines the thrill of racing with the excitement of a shooter.

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