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Thunder Hawk - Game Board
Thunder Hawk - Game Board


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Thunder Hawk is a shooting game with World War Air Combat, the game layout supports vertical screen as well as horizontal screen. Each screen supports two or three players.

Player can control his aircraft to move around and shoot various kinds of fighter. There are also some special prizes, i.e.: Full Screen Bomb will destroy all the aircrafts in the screen with an explosion; Frozen Aerolite Bomb will immobilize all the aircrafts in the screen.

Thunder Wings features:

1. Support horizontal cabinet of 4 players (P), 6 P, 8P or 10P. And vertical cabinet 3P, 4P. Adjustable at setting

2. Support maximum 1000 credits for one shot. 1-49 credits for a shot is double-barreled gun, 50-99 is four-barreled gun and 100-1000 is five-barreled gun

3. Bomber: 20 times, after exploded, a full screen planes killed

4. Fixed screen Bomb20 times, current screen all planes fixed for 10 seconds

5. UFO: 30 times. Present 8-12 shark missile, especially explode planes with odds 10-40 times

6. Airliner: 100 times, after shot down, player get a laser cannon, which can be lunched within 15 seconds, killing a certain range of aircraft; (If player dont press the fire bottom, it will launch and detonate by itself

The special plane with high odds help players win more credits:

1. Magnetic airship: 120 times. Present Lightning Chain function. The game randomly give 2-12 plane with 2-25 times for free

2. Red fish plane: Full screen the same kind of plane destroyed, and odds*1, 2,3 separetely

3. Targeting Function: Pull the joystick upward till the end, randomly target at red fish planes, while pull downwards to the end to target planes over 10 times odds

4. Big Plane: 30 times. All the red fish planes destroyed after it is killed

5. Plane queue: there are Triangular queue and Diamond queue two kind of queue, the plane can only be shot down one by one but not all together

6. The Spitfire aircraft queue: Combined by 1 leader and 5~8 Fire Fighters. Player can shot down any planes and the following ones are all killed in the same time of Shooting Video Games. Or player can target the Leader and shot down all of the planes in the queue once ( only bullet are workable for it)

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