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Full Selection of Pinball Machines - Used & New

Pinball Machines Make Excellent Purchases For Home or Business Use

If you've made the decision to look more closely at pinball machines for home or business use, you're on track for making a great purchase. These games are unlike anything else out there for their universal appeal and playability.

Pinball is loved the world over for its distinct style of play. While it's not quite a video game, it's bells, lights and whistles tend to draw in fans of these games. The physical action involved, too, can ensure that gami ng sessions are challenging and exhilarating every time.

Monkeys Arcades specializes in a wide variety of both new pinball machines and used pinball machines. Monkeys is proud to offer one of the largest selections of preplayed pinball machines found anywhere in the world. Carrying Stern, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb and Data East pinball machines, Monkeys makes sure to have a selection of the newest releases along with some action-packed retro titles, as well.

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STERN X-Men LE Pinball Machine - 2012 STERN AC/DC Pinball Machine
The newest addition to the Stern collection celebrates X-Men, one of the most popular comic book series to date. X-Men will join Stern's revolutionary line-up of comic inspired machines including Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman.
24 Pinball Machine ® designed by Steve Richie adapts the FOX TV series into a pinball machine that appeals to fans of 24 TV show, law enforcement officers, bars, homeowners and operators alike!
  • Outstanding game play from Steve Richie
  • Ground-breaking rule set from the creative mind of Lyman Sheats
  • An outstanding art package from the incomparable John Youssi
  • 12 Full AC/DC Performed Classic Songs
Addams Family Pinball Apollo 13 Pinball Attack From Mars Pinball Machine
Based on the hit TV show Addams Family, this is one of the greatest pinball machines of all time. "Launch control, this is Sega Pinball...Apollo 13 is go for launch!" Attack from Mars is fun and entertaining to play, with its open playfield and easy to understand rules!
Austin Powers Pinball Back to the Future Pinball 1991 Batman Data East Pinball
Austin Powers pinball is totally GROOVY. " Back to the Future" marked the start of the Data East trend of getting the rights to well-known names and slapping them on their pins. 1991 Data East Batman Pinball
Batman 66 Premium Pinball Batman Pinball The Dark Knight Pinball
Batman 66 Premium Pinball
Our Price: $8,499.00
Stern Pinball is celebrating its 30th year in business and the 50th anniversary of the iconic American TV series with an Anniversary Edition pinball machine featuring the world famous “Dynamic Duo” of Batman and Robin. The game will immerse players in campy fun and heart-pounding action as the crime fighting Dynamic Duo comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police. Can you keep up with Batman and Robin speeding through Gotham? Based on the new batman movie "The Dark Knight" pinball machine.
Baywatch Pinball Machine Big Hurt Pinball
Baywatch Pinball is based on the TV show starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Big Buck Hunter PRO Pinball is fun for the hunter in everyone. Pure powerhouse pinball game.
Black Knight Pinball Black Rose Pinball Black Spider Man Pinball Limited Edition
Can you handle the Black Knight... Arrrrrr mate' e... Don't become shark food and find you be off the plank of the Black Rose.
Mirrored Backglass
Shaker Motor
Chrome trim with webbed side armor

Bride of Pinbot Cactus Canyon Pinball Champion Pub Pinball
Bride of PinBot followed the initial PinBot game from 1986 and introduced PinBot's new robot bride: The Machine! The people of Cactus Canyon seek a stout, daring, heroic, intellectually challenged recruit for the position of Sheriff. The gloves are off the moment you enter the rough-and-tumble world of Champion Pub.
Checkpoint Pinball Cirqus Voltaire Pinball Congo-1995 Williams
Can you keep up with the Checkpoint pinball? Cirqus Voltaire - the greatest pinball on earth ! Don't monkey around... Go banana's with CONGO!
Corvette Pinball Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball CSI Las Vegas Pinball
Take the Corvette pinball for a spin. Creature from the Black Lagoon......Claws for Applause!
Based around the popular television franchise. CSI Las Vegas Pinball features original speech from characters from the franchise and music from the television show.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pinball Machine Demoltion Man Pinball Doctor Who Pinball
The Dale Earnhardt Jr. pinball machine is  based on the popular NASCAR pinball machine by Stern. Demolition Man is a Williams pinball machine released in February 1994. It is based on the hit motion picture. Doctor Who fans will love this high action great game from Bally!
Dr. Dude Pinball Dracula Pinball
Get Hip!  Earn Respect!  Be the envy of your Friends! Welcome to my home! It's an earthshaking experience!
F-14 Tomcat Pinball
Elvira and the Monsters started the party and want you to join! Fly away with this super fast pinball that will really get your heart pounding. What a freakin' sweet pinball!
Fish Tales Pinball
Catch' em all, hook, line and sinker! 1-2 Freddy's coming for you; 3-4 better lock your door; 5-6 grab a crucifix; 7-8 THIS GAME IS GREAT! Step right up to FUNHOUSE and discover pinball innovation Williams-style with the introduction of a totally new technology-Pin-Mation!
Ghostbusters LE Pinball Machine Ghostbusters Premium Pinball Machine
Ghostbusters Premium Pinball
Our Price: $7,595.00
Shift into high gear! Who you gonna call? Stern Pinball is proud to announce our newest machine: GHOSTBUSTERS! Based on the original films, the game features incredible hand-drawn artwork, interactive toys, your favorite audio moments of the films and narration by actor Ernie Hudson Jr! Who you gonna call? Stern Pinball is proud to announce our newest machine: GHOSTBUSTERS! Based on the original films, the game features incredible hand-drawn artwork, interactive toys, your favorite audio moments of the films and narration by actor Ernie Hudson Jr!
Ghostbusters PRO Pinball Machine
Ghostbusters PRO Pinball
Our Price: $5,495.00
Who you gonna call? Stern Pinball is proud to announce our newest machine: GHOSTBUSTERS! Based on the original films, the game features incredible hand-drawn artwork, interactive toys, your favorite audio moments of the films and narration by actor Ernie Hudson Jr! Gilligan's Island pinball is a blast from the past... See if you can find your way through the island. James Bond fan? If so, this is the ideal pinball for you!
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro Pinball Guns N Roses Pinball
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro Pinball
Our Price: $6,199.00
Sale Price: $5,699.00
You save $500.00!
The game will immerse players in a dynamic, challenging, and galactic pinball environment where Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot battle Ronan to stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy. Welcome to the Jungle! Very collectible because of the quality and low number of units produced.
High Roller Casino
Live to play. Play to Live! On Stern's new High Roller Casino, pit your skill and luck against the house and take on the six casino games we have to offer. Watch out! High Speed pinball will definitely blow you away!
Can you take down Captain Hook and his pirates before he hooks you! The hurricane pinball will blow you away! Based on the smash hit movie.  Take an exciting journey with this action packed pinball!
Indiana Jones Pinball-Stern STERN Iron Man PRO "Vault Version" Pinball Machine
Based on the smash hit movie.  Take an exciting journey with this new action packed pinball from Stern! Iron Man Pro Vault Edition features technological and manufacturing upgrades utilized by Stern in its current Pro models. Among the improvements is all LED playfield lighting. Iron Man is manufactured with Stern's updated modern metal and wood back box with red t-molding and with a decaled cabinet and speaker housing. The Iron Monger, War Machine and Whiplash figures have been molded in one piece construction for improved strength. JackBot was the last installment in the "Pinbot" trilogy and was released in 1995.

All pre-played pinballs go through an extensive testing, cleaning and maintenance program. Stock photo shown.
Get CYBERNETIC with Johnny... A pinball perfect for non-stop entertainment. You be the Judge! Junk Yard tells the story of a young inventor TRAPPED by Crazy Bob!
Jurrasic Park Pinball Stern KISS Premium Pinball Stern KISS PRO Pinball
KISS PRO Pinball
Our Price: $5,495.00
Based on the mega-hit movie Jurrasic Park.  A pinball adventure that was 65 million years in the making!  T-Rex even eats the ball!

Stern Pinball’s KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. Players will experience 10 famous KISS hits in the concert arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating experience ultimately becoming elite members of the KISS Army.

Stern Pinball’s KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. Players will experience 10 famous KISS hits in the concert arena playfield and embark on an exhilarating experience ultimately becoming elite members of the KISS Army.

Bring the Hollywood action straight to you! The greatest adventure of all time is now STERN Pinball's epic pinball machine for all ages. Have an exciting adventure playing Lord Of The Rings pinball!
Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Pinball Machine-1995 Sega Medieval Madness Remake Pinball Machine | Monkeys Arcades
It's ALIVE and ready to play!!! Medieval Madness is a whimsical return to a world of knights and castles, fire-breathing dragons and damsels-in-distress!

Behold the Renaissance of Pinball, its Ye Olde Medieval Madness!

Monster Bash Pinball
Get ready to Rock! So you wanna mouse around? A pinball game with the famous video game characters we all know and love!
Stern 2005 NASCAR Pinball Machine
"NASCAR Pinball is a terrific simulation of the experience one gets while at the racetrack," said Blake Davidson, NASCAR's managing director of licensed products. "The speed and acceleration demonstrated by the race cars are displayed through the game itself." Fast Breaking play begins by picking your favorite team from The 29 NBA Teams and accepting the challenge to improve your teams record. NBA artwork features 20 players from 20 teams. The game announcer utilizes the names of many other players.
No Fear Pinball No Good Gofers Party Zone Pinball
No Fear!  This is a very fast and difficult game, which is a true test of pinball skill - the game's all about making repeated loops and ramp shots. Get teed off on the driving range as Buzz and Bud critique your swing, then putt out to complete the hole! Get the party started with your own PARTY ZONE pinball.
The greatest pinball adventure of all time! Time for a bit more excitement in the world of pinball. A glamorous lifestyle that only can be called PLAYBOY!
Popeye Saves the Earth Pinball - Bally (Pre-Played) Pre-Played Rescue 911 Pinball Machine Revenge From Mars Pinball
In Popeye Saves the Earth will fascinate children and challenge adults of all ages.  It's an all-out-spinach-powered adventure! Real-life rescue excitement jumps off the screen and into your hands! It's Revenge From Mars, the first game ever to combine the best of pinball's past with the technology of the future.
Ripley's Believe it or Not Pinball Road Show Pinball
will live in the tradition of these all-time favorites
Red and Ted's Roadshow pinball machine. Fly to the rescue with your buddy Bullwinkle and save Frostbite Falls!
Rolling Stones Pinball Machine, Rolling Stones, Stern Pinball Safe Cracker Pinball Machine-1994 Bally
Stern's ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON pinball machine takes the concept of the amusement park to an entirely new and exciting level!   A board game and a pinball machine? Wow!
Scared Stiff Pinball Pre-Played Space Jam Pinball Shrek Pinball Machine
Elvira has the features that will turn players on! Join superstar Michael Jordan as he teams up with all of his Looney Tunes pals in a game that's truly out of this world! Based on the smash hit movie, Sterns newest release is Shrek pinball!
Simpsons Pinballl Data East Sopranos Pinball
This Simpsons pinball is destined to be a classic! STERN PINBALL, INC. ANNOUNCES A WILD "SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY" THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine is a must for any player, distributor, operator, and home collector wanting to share in the excitement.
Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine! Space Invaders is the wide body four flipper silverball classic that captures all the suspense of the original video game favorite. In the SPIDER-MAN pinball machine, you are Spider-Man!
Stern Star Trek PRO Pinball
In the SPIDER-MAN pinball machine, you are Spider-Man! Star Trek celebrates it's 25th anniversary with some fun, intergalactic pinball Inspired by the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness films, the newest Stern machine puts players in Captain James Kirk's chair of the U.S.S. Enterprise, embarking on a journey to protect and defend the planets of the Federation.
Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball
This game was part of Williams/Midway's "SuperPin" line of widebody games. Every journey has a begining.... Luke Skywalker, Lord Vader, R2-D2; Bring all of you favorite Star Wars characters back to you local home or business with this classic Star Wars pinball.
Super Mario Brothers Mushroom World Pinball Super Mario Brothers Pinball Tales from the Crypt Pinball
It's Mario Mania all over Redemption! Save the princess by destroying all 7 castles! What will be the next scare lurking in the game-play of Tales from the Crypt.
Tales of the Arabian Nights Taxi Pinball Terminator 2 Pinball
Tales of the Arabian Nights captures the mystery, suspense, and excitement of The Thousand and One Nights and creates a game that will dazzle novice as well as expert players alike! Get ready for the Taxi everyone is going to be lining up for! Terminator 2 was based on the smash hit movie and was the first pinball to feature video mode!
Terminator 3 Pinball The Shadow Pinball
The TERMINATOR® 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES™ pinball offers non-stop action features, including a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher in the backglass! Yabba-dabba-doo, this pinballs a hit!!! The Shadow Strikes Again!
Theatre of the Magic TRON: Legacy Pinball Machine, Rolling Stones, Stern Pinball
Own one of the greatest pinball machines of all time! The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard is sure to be a sensation wherever it goes. The TRON: Legacy Pinball features an incredible 3D backglass that brings the film's characters and story to life. TRON: Legacy Pinball also features exciting sound bites from the film's main characters, as well music from the film's original score.
Twilight Zone Pinball STERN Walking Dead PRO Pinball Machine
Maybe the most complex pinball game ever designed! Classic Pinball Tables... ALL ON ONE CABINET! The Walking Dead Premium Edition offers the same fan-favorite game play as the sold-out LE model, full of extra features such as additional targets, a special-effect fish tank with illuminated sculpted zombie heads, and a player-controlled motorized crossbow pinball launcher. A new high-definition art package adds to the player’s experience of battling zombies and completing game missions.
STERN Walking Dead PRO Pinball Machine Wheel of Fortune Pinball Machine Whitewater Pinball
Stern's The Walking Dead pinball features everything fans would want in a flesh-eating pinball world. Players fight to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside series icon, Sheriff Rick Grimes, by battling zombies and completing various game missions. The game includes multiple zombie toys for adrenalin-filled zombie battles at familiar locations from the show such as the Prison and Cell Block C. A brilliant high-definition zombie-filled art package heightens the player's excitement. Wheel of Fortune is a unique pinball machine based on the popular TV game show.  It is sure to become the next smash hit pinball machine. Whitewater pinball by Bally.  Go with the flow!
Who Dunnit Pinball World Cup Soccer Pinball World Poker Tour Pinball
Investigate the slots and discover real casino-like fun and rewards! World Cup Soccer...It's the biggest game in the whole world.
Television commentators
Texas Hold 'Em
5 Card Stud

STERN WrestleMania PRO Pinball Machine
WrestleMania PRO Pinball
Our Price: $5,495.00
WWE Wrestlemania calls players into the ring as WWE superstars embarking on a quest to become the WWE worldwide heavyweight champion. Players train their wrestlers and then compete in a series of matches leading them on the road to Wrestlemania.
Pinball machines make an excellent choice for businesses such as arcades, restaurants, pubs and more because they do make money. If you question the appeal of pinball, just place a machine in a business and watch how fast players will fill the coin slots. The challenge and fun provided by a great pinball title is simply hard to top. It is easy to generate excitement when you add pinball machines to your entertainment mix.
Making the decision to invest in used pinball machines is a big one. This is an investment that can pay off in the long run. For businesses, the financial rewards can be outstanding. For assistance with your decision on which used pinball machines will suit your unique needs call Monkeys Arcades - 877.FUN.APE1.
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