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Design Your Own Custom Poker Table
(Custom Tables Are By Phone Order Only)


All tables come standard with:

  • Your choice of wood stain
  • Your choice of color for the playing surface
  • black plastic cupholders
  • padded vinyl arm rails
  • folding legs

Octagon- $653.33
 Racetrack- $793.33

 Stretched- $793.33

Racetrack and Stretched Table Dimensions are 44" x 80" (Larger tables are available upon request)
Note: Pictures above are of tables w/ custom cloth.
(Custom cloth is available for any customer to design themselves)

Wood Stain

The table is made of a high quality, very solid 3/4 inch Oak or Birch Plywood.  All woodwork is hand cut, sanded, stained, and laqured so each table shines with a luster all it's own.  You can choose from a variety of stains.  The Red Mohagany is the most popular by far as it gives the table a deep rich look.  All stain and polyeurothane is made by MinWax, a top brand in wood working stains and lacquers.

Sedona Red         Red Mahogany         Golden Oak          Dark Walnut              Natural


Cloth Colors

Other Colors not shown:  Purple, Yellow, Navy, Cream, Brown, Sandy.

Additional Options and Pricing Below

Cup Holders

By far, the black plastic drink holders are the most common due to the low cost.  They come in regular and Jumbo.  The stainless steel  and brass drink holders really add a touch of class.  All regular cup holders are about 2.75 inches wide (enough for a can or bottle), and deep enough for half the can.  The Jumbos are the same depth, but about an inch wider.            

                                 Stainless Steel Regular   Brass Regular   Stainless Steel Jumbo   Brass Jumbo

Speed Cloth
(Design Comes Suited or Solid)

Fast paced dealer friendly cloth. Durable, official, made to last.

Custom Cloth

All custom cloth is made by dye-sublimation, a process where the fabric starts out white, and all the images are digitally processed and dyed into it.  It will never rub or wear off.  It is a top quality 5.2 oz "gaming suede" that is used at casinos around the world, and dye sublimation is the best process to put an image on fabric.  The cost is $450.00 for the fabric, ink and printing, and your professionally designed logo. 

Table Legs and Bases

Upgrade your standard heavy duty black metal folding legs to a more sleek and stylish look. The solid Oak pedestal legs come regular footed or with hand-carved  lion's claw feet.

Dealer Chip Tray

Need to be more official? Dealer Trays come in black plastic, steel, or brass. Steel and brass trays can come with a lock-top for extra security if needed.


   Standard Table Price:  Octagon- $653.33    Racetrack- $793.33    Stretched- $793.33
            (Standard table pricing is table with out additional options listed below / Standard options still apply)

 Options Style8-Person Octogon
10-person Racetrack/Stretched
 Cupholders Regular:  Steel / Brass
 $100 / $120
 $125/ $150

 Jumbo:  Black / Steel / Brass
 $65 / $120 / $150
 $72 / $150 / $180

 Cloth Speed Cloth / Custom Cloth
 $100 / $450
 $145 / $450

 Dealer Trays
 Black / Brass
 $65 / $150
 $65 / $150

 Wooden Pedestal
 Regular / Lion's Claw
 $333 / $463
 $553 / $673

Find A Price That Works For You