Our BBB Report

It appears that a competitor, that we will not mention by name because we have class, morals and business ethics, is on the verge of going out of business. On the way out they have decided to take cheap shots and attempt to confuse our customers with an inaccurate BBB report on their web site. The link on their web site pertains to a home theater company that has no affiliation with Monkeys Megastores Inc. or Monkeys Arcades.com. This competitor is no doubt upset because we have taken the industry by storm. We simply have a better web site, better customer service, free shipping and we actually care about our customers. We are on the way up and they are on the way out! This tactic comes as no surprise as they have cyber squatted our good name in the past, causing searches intended for our web site, to get redirected to their web site. These and other unethical and underhanded business practices have no doubt played a part in the direction this company has gone. They have been informed weeks ago that the link was incorrect, yet they have kept the misleading link on their web site. Look closely at their standing with the BBB. The fact is this competitor has actually had several complaints registered against them in the past 36 months. Monkeys Megastores Inc./MonkeysArcades.com has had 0 complaints! They are jeopardizing their standing with the BBB as they are not to have a link on their website pertaining to a competitor. The terms of the agreement with the BBB accreditation program are very clear regarding this. Having had these sleazy and unscrupulous tactics used against us one can only imagine how a customer might be treated by them. We just wanted to set the record straight. Be wary of anyone that makes mention of us on their web site.

Click here for the link to our accurate BBB report.

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