Monkeys Arcades Slandered?
Our REAL BBB Report

There have been slanderous and misleading statements regarding a BBB report for a company that is not affiliated with Monkeys Megastores Inc. or Monkeys in anyway. It appears that a competitor that we will not mention by name is in debt over a half million dollars and has been shut down by most if not all distributors and manufacturers. We will not mention them by name because we have too much class and actually have morals and business ethics that will not allow us to do so! They want to take cheap shots on their way out of business because we simply have a better website, better customer service, free shipping and we actually care about our customers. They are upset because we are on the way up and they are on the way out. Be wary of slanderous companies that our on the verge of closing shop and are actively attempting to sell their business and their terrible confusing website. Purchase from them at your own risk. Our business doubles every year and we are here to stay. Thanks for visiting us and as always have a fun day!

Our accurate BBB report is in the link below.