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When was the last time you faced a pitcher without an arm?

Every Master Pitching Machine features our exclusive Iron MikeT Pitching Arm.

With each pitch, you see the Iron MikeT Pitching arm wind up and deliver the ball - just like a real pitcher. It's the only proven training machine available that gives you this advantage.


Why Choose Arm-Style Pitching Machines?

Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only type of pitching machine that gives you that same sense of timing. With each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you use on the field. Because of this, the Iron MikeT arm-style pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide.

Ideal For
Team Use

The Favorite of Major League Teams!!!

The MP-4 is our top of the line hopper-fed machine that has the same features of the MP-6 with these added benefits:

  • Extra reinforcements on the frame of the machine to protect against batted balls.
  • Includes our Positive Feed Control which ensures good ball flow when using seamed balls.



Perfect For
Individual Use
25-85 mph
  • Ball rack fed - 38 baseball or 28 softball capacity
  • Heavy-duty arm and hand system
  • Easily converted from baseball to softball
  • Built-in low voltage remote control with 80-foot cord
  • 4-wheel transport for quick, easy moving
  • Lockable arm guard cover
  • Electrically powered - 115 volt A.C. motor


Great Starter
20-60 mph

Also Ideal for Slow-Pitch Softball

  • Designed for on-field or backyard practice
  • Ball rack fed - 25 baseball or 20 softball capacity
  • Will throw baseballs, softballs, and polyballs
  • 2-wheel system for quick, easy moving
  • Lockable arm guard cover
  • Electrically powered - 115 volt A.C. motor