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RealSports – The Hottest Name in Coin-Op

Looking for the hottest coin-op games on the market?  The RealSports line-up includes 2 of the highest-ranked, highest-earning products available worldwide – RealSports MAX and RealSoccer JUNIOR. 

The New RealSports MAX for Coin-Op!

You’ve seen it, you’ve played it!  Visual Sports Systems pioneered the first fully-interactive multi-sport simulator, developed for coin-operated locations, initially known as the RealSports CLASSIC.  This product revolutionized gaming floors with the highest operator earnings imaginable.  Now, the new RealSports MAX builds on this tradition of success, by offering a more attractive price point and smaller cabinet dimensions for easier transport and installation.  Play 6 live-action sports against virtual opponents, and take your coin-op earnings to the next level!


 RealSports MAX Features

- Revolutionary 6 Sport Platform: Golf, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Football, and Basketball
- Durable Hardware and Upgradeable Software    
- Proven Earnings Winner
- Proven Destination Attraction Piece
- Non-Violent and Non-Sedentary Game Play
- Easy Portability and Easy Installation
- Unattended Play
- Redemption Ready

The RealSports MAX simulator features a durable aluminum-tube and canvas construction, with a PC based software platform. The combination has proven to be a solid investment.  The durable platform extends the life of the product, while interchangeable software titles keep the product exciting for years to come.
RealSports is a proven top earner! 


Introducing RealSoccer JUNIOR for Coin-Op!

Operators asked us for it, and we made it!  Visual Sports Systems has built on the success of its full-size RealSports simulator to create a deluxe arcade-sized soccer game – the RealSoccer JUNIOR.  RealSoccer JUNIOR combines years of in-house R&D, hardware and software expertise, and quality manufacturing to deliver the world’s greatest, most-accurate soccer product ever made for coin-op!  Shoot and score against live-action virtual goalkeepers, and see your coin-op earnings multiply!

RealSoccer JUNIOR Features

- 3 Exciting Play Modes: Penalty Kicking, Time Challenge, and Set-Piece Kicking
- 3 Challenging Skill Levels
- Upgradeable Software
- Proven High Earner
- Official Soccer Ball with Durable Tether
- Attractive Cabinet Graphics and Marquee Header
- Unattended Play
- Redemption Ready

NEW! - High-score tournament package now available
NEW! - Two-player mode
NEW! - Instant replay feature
NEW! - Kick boost & spin control
NEW! - Animated wall of defenders
NEW! - 3D goalkeeper

RealSoccer JUNIOR is a complete turn-key solution for coin-op businesses.  The attractive cabinet offers an easy plug-and-play set-up with no assembly required. 

Footprint: 5’ Wide x 4’ Deep x 7’ High
Shipping: 1 skid – plug and play
Weight: 800 pounds

RealSoccer JUNIOR is a proven top earner!