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 Commercial Arcade / FEC Leasing Vs Financing


Leasing / Financing / Buying Options for Coin-Operated Equipment

Monkeys Arcades can help you in ways that go beyond financing and leasing. Because we understand all aspects of your business and have developed an extensive network of contacts and information sources over the years, we can provide an array of services that add value to our relationship with you.

Buying your games outright

Buying your equipment outright is one potential option for your arcade or family fun center (FEC). It requires the least amount of time and effort, and you can take delivery of your equipment quicker than other payment methods. In addition to start-ups that already have funding in place, many small arcade, restaurant, bar and retail shop owners choose to use their existing cash or savings, bank lines of credit or home equity loans, or in some instances, even credit cards to buy their games.

Advantages of Leasing or Renting

More than 80% of all companies in the United States use leasing as a way to purchase some or all of their equipment. Companies are using leasing more because it has become more competitive over the years and many feel they need to more closely watch their available cash reserves and bank lines to meet unexpected changes in their business.

Added flexibility, improved cash flow and better use of your working capital—traditionally, banks are reluctant to finance 100%. If they do, many times they want larger down payments and require the loan to be secured by other assets owned by your business. This does not allow you the flexibility to structure a plan that best meets your business needs. When leasing/renting, you can finance 100% of the cost of the equipment along with the implementation and services required to get your business operating. You will not have to pledge additional assets and you can select a term that best meets your budget without putting a strain on your cash flow.

Tax advantages—the payments you make for most lease/rental agreements can be treated as an operating expense, allowing you to write off these payments and not have to capitalize the asset. This not only provides you tax advantages but also improves your company’s financial statements.

Preserves your working capital– leasing/renting your software provides you the opportunity to preserve your working capital and to use it for other growth opportunities and income producing assets.


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