Laser Tag

 High-Tech Themes:
  • Themed barriers at 7’ high by 4’ wide can be positioned throughout the playing field in various configurations and is easy to change over time. Clean high-tech geometric shaped patterns and vibrant fluorescent colors produce a visually stunning and safe arena under black light. Also included are strategic angles and tag holes integrated into the barriers for a heightened game experience
  • Target Base structures for game electronics that can serve as either team bases or neutral targets. Impressive 12’ high by 12’ square with internally lit LED strip legs is cut from a CNC machine and built by hand. Players shoot up in the middle of the base unit to deactivate and score points.
  • High-Tech themed movable crates standing 4’ tall

 Special Effect Lights:

  • Pin spot light effects with colored caps
  • Controller modules with 16 patterns for the colored pin spots
  Theatrical Smoke System:

  • Powerful Theatrical Fog Machine
  • Gallons of premium water-based Fusion Fog Juice
  • Remote Control with timer, fog and power buttons
 Performance Sound System:

  • Equipment Metal Rack Enclosure with locking front and back hinged access doors, heavy-duty wheel casters, and 19” rack rails for mounting the components
  • Commercial Amplifier for powering speakers with protection circuitry and rear-mounted adjustment knobs to prevent accidental blow-outs when the volume is increased
  • Power Conditioner and Light Module for power surge protection and light over the components in the Equipment Rack for ease in viewing
  • All speaker, amplifier, mixer and microphone cables

 Themed Props:

Straight out of the popular Star Wars saga comes the Storm Trooper. This 7' full size detailed prop is as close to the original as possible. Comes with foam-filled latex body, fiberglass shoulders and chest armor, imposing breathe mask and base with serialized tag. Well recognized and feared throughout the galaxy!