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Atari Hard Drivin' Joust Upright Arcade Space Invaders
Used Joust Upright Arcade
Our Price: $2,790.46
  • First Driving Sim. Game
One of the greatest classic arcade games of all time! One of the biggest arcade smash hits of all time.  Machine is all original!
Ms. Pacman Upright Pacman Upright
Eagle Shot Golf is an exciting golf game with realistic golfing action. This unit is 100% all original!  It's hard to find em' like this anymore!  Please call for more information. Original Pacman with speed-chip installed!  Call for more details!

Stock Photo Shown
Pre-played Cruis'n World Sit Down Driver Pre-played Cruis'n Exotica Sit Down Driver (Single)
This is a classic 10' skee-ball that you know and love!
  • Compete on multiple tracks from around the world!
  • Fast Paced Realistic Driving
Atari Rush 2049 Used Merit Megatouch Aurora Used Merit Megatouch Aurora
  • Futuristic Driving Experience
  • 17" LCD Display
  • Stylish Rounded Design
  • Multi-Color Lighting
  • Improved Joystick Control
  • 19" LCD Display
  • New Joystick Design
  • 09' Games
  • Colorful Light Display
Dance Dance Revolution Black Spider Man Pinball Limited Edition
One of the ultimate dancing games of all time! In the SPIDER-MAN pinball machine, you are Spider-Man!
Mirrored Backglass
Shaker Motor
Chrome trim with webbed side armor

Super Shot (Pre-played) Striker Bowling (Pre-played) Ms. Pacman Cocktail Arcade
Used Super Shot
Our Price: $4,433.36
Used Striker Bowling Arcade
Our Price: $4,914.86
  • Pre-Played Model
  • Moving Backboard
  • Real-Life Basketball sound effects
  • Up to 6 Games Can Be Linked
  • Classic Bowling
  • Waxed Playing Surface
  • Pin Relay System
An original Ms. Pacman cocktail arcade.  It's hard to find em' like this anymore!  Please call for more information.
Used Cruis'n USA Used Daytona USA Driving Arcade Used Daytona USA 2 Driving Arcade
  • One of the best drivers of all time!
  • Most detailed 3D racer on the market.
  • Daytona 2, you'll be playing it every chance you get!
Pre-played Arachnid Galaxy Video Dartboard Merit Megatouch e.V.o. Countertop Touchscreen Pre-played Manx TT Superbike Arcade
Used Manx TT Superbike Arcade
Our Price: $3,514.76
  • Classic Design
  • Arachnid First Generation
  • Pre-Played
  • Classic e.V.o
  • Built-In Changeable Marquee
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Home or Business
  • A motorcycle racing game set on the Isle of Man.
Pre-played Gunblade Special Air Assault Force N.Y. Arcade Frenzy Express Arcade War Final Assault Arcade
Used Frenzy Express Arcade
Our Price: $4,208.66
Used War Final Assault Arcade
Our Price: $2,560.86
Two words, amazing shooter!
  • Flip tricks through town on your fast paced scooter.
A mission consists of eight levels, each with a different boss enemy.
Junior Grand Prix Star II Arcade Pre-played Sega Bass Fishing Merit Megatouch ION e.V.o. Countertop Touchscreen
Used Sega Bass Fishing Arcade
Our Price: $2,411.06
Time to hit the track! Pre-played Sega Bass Fishing is a prize catch!
  • 17" Flat Screen Monitor
  • Includes Modem
  • Home or Business
  • 09' Games
Pre-played 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (DX) Pre-played Alpine Racer II U/R Pre-played Area 51
Used Area 51 Arcade
Our Price: $1,769.06
American Pro Trucker is rolling down America's highways! Climb into the cab of one of 5 big-rigs, and race against a maniacal rival. Fly through the Alpines and see how long you can last! *Cabinet style may vary slightly.

  • Survive a top secret mission in Area 51!
Pre-played ATV Track Pre-played Arctic Thunder Pre-played California Speed
Used ATV Track Arcade
Our Price: $4,230.06
Used Arctic Thunder Arcade
Our Price: $4,058.86
Used California Speed Arcade
Our Price: $2,304.06
  • Feel The Raw Power of ATV Racing
  • Realistic Snowmobile Racing
  • 'arcade' style racing versus simulation
Pre-played Club Kart Pre-played Club kart DX Pre-played Crazy Taxi High Roller
Used Club Cart Arcade
Our Price: $3,245.66
Used Club Cart DX Arcade
Our Price: $5,344.46
  • High performance kart racing
  • Don't be left out, join the club.
  • Become a high roller on Crazy Taxi III
Pre-played Crazy Taxi U/R Pre-played Cyber Cycle Pre-played Cyber Sled
Used Cyber Cycle Arcade
Our Price: $3,277.76
Used Cyber Sled Arcade
Our Price: $2,528.76
  • You have passengers waiting... Stand-up and hurry!
  • Hold on tight for this wild ride!
  • The future of "sled wars" is here
Pre-played Emergency Call Ambulance Pre-played Ferrari F-355 Twin Unit Pre-played Harley Davidson DX
  • Get behind the wheel of a real ambulance
  • See how it feels to ride in style...
  • Grab the leather coat and ride in style!
Pre-played Harley Davidson UR Pre-played Hydro Thunder Sitdown Pre-played Motor Raid DX
Used Motor Raid DX Arcade
Our Price: $4,402.86
  • Realistic Motorcycle Controls
  • No life jacket necessary, just get on and ride
  • Hop on the crotch rocket and see if you can finish first!
Pre-played Motor Raid Twin Pre-played Nascar DX Pre-played Off Road Thunder
Used Motor Raid Twin Arcade
Our Price: $4,272.86
Used Nascar DX Arcade
Our Price: $6,489.36
Used Off Road Thunder Arcade
Our Price: $2,988.86
  • Exact same cabinet used for Manx TT Superbike Twin
  • Perfect for any Nascar fan...
  • Don't go too far off road in this intense racer
Pre-played Racing Jam Pre-played Road Burners Pre-played Rolling Extreme
Used Racing Jam Arcade
Our Price: $3,523.86
Used Road Burners Arcade
Our Price: $2,453.86
Used Rolling Extreme Arcade
Our Price: $3,737.86
  • Get stuck in the jam and threaten your chance of 1st place!
  • Burn some rubber in this fast paced racer!
*Cabinet style may vary slightly.

  • Don't lose in luge!
Pre-played Rush The Rock Pre-played Star Wars Pod Racer Pre-played Star Wars Racer
Used Rush The Rock Arcade
Our Price: $2,453.86
Used Star Wars Racer Arcade
Our Price: $4,647.36
  • Race through the canyons for an exciting challenge!
  • Based on the movie "Star Wars Episode 1"
  • Go head to head and be a true Jedi knight...
Pre-played Wave Runner Pre-played Wave Shark Pre-played DDR Pump It Up GX
Used Wave Runner Arcade
Our Price: $4,895.06
Used Wave Shark Arcade
Our Price: $3,695.06
  • Speed through the waves and obtain 1st place!
  • Avoid racers and other dangers lurking in the water
Get your groove on!
Pre-played DDR 7th Mix Pre-played DDR Super Nova Pre-played DDR In The Groove 2
Used DDR 7th Mix
Our Price: $6,787.36
Used DDR Super Nova
Our Price: $11,067.36
Get your groove on! Get your groove on! Get your groove on!
Used Rowe 100e Jukebox Used Rowe Laser Star Wallet Jukebox Used Beach Head 2000
Used Rowe 100e Jukebox
Our Price: $2,186.36
Used Beach Head 2000 Arcade
Our Price: $3,160.06
Jukebox will be shopped out and in working condition.

Cabinet style and color may vary.

*Call for more details

Used Rowe Laser Star Wallet Jukebox

Jukebox will be shopped out and in working condition.

*Call for more details
Take out the enemies with one big gun!
Used Centipede Millipede Missile Command Used Code One Dispatch Used Confidential Mission U/R
Used Centipede Upright Arcade
Our Price: $2,197.06
Used Code One Dispatch Arcade
Our Price: $2,090.06
A true classic...
  • Catch the criminals! Race against time
Can you handle the high priority top secret mission?
Used Crisis Zone Used Die Hard Used Extreme Hunting
Used Crisis Zone Arcade
Our Price: $2,774.86
Used Die Hard Arcade
Our Price: $2,175.66
Used Extreme Hunting Arcade
Our Price: $3,053.06
There's a crisis at hand; Do what you can to stop it.
Save the hostage or die hard!
Take down the big game!
Used Gun Blade DX Used Jurassic Park Lost World Upright Used Killer Instincts Upright
Used Gun Blade DX Arcade
Our Price: $3,225.86
Used Killer Instincts Arcade
Our Price: $2,025.86
Hop in the chopper and take out the terrorists...
Don't let yourself be a dinosaurs next meal!
Dedicated cabinet which is solid black with artwork.
Used Marvel Vs Capcom Used Maximum Force
Used Marvel Vs Capcom Arcade
Our Price: $2,197.06
Used Maximum Force Arcade
Our Price: $2,090.06
The clash of superheroes.
Machine is in very good condition. All mechanics work very great. The monitor has a very sharp, crisp picture. Both guns work perfectly. Cabinet is in great condition.
We can't list products fast enough!!! We can supply you with that specific game that you just can't seem to find... PLEASE CALL 877-FUN-APE1 to obtain your dream machine.
Paperboy Upright Arcade Used Popeye Upright Arcade Used Tic-Tac Shuffle Strike Bowling
Used Popeye Upright Arcade
Our Price: $1,918.86
Get your paper to your customers and dodge the obstacles on the way. Eat your spinach and save the day!
  • 1-6 Players
  • Metal Puck Bowler
  • Automatic Pin Release
  • East Setup
Pacman Cocktail Arcade Used Terminator 2 Arcade Ice Ball Skee-Ball Arcade
Used Terminator 2 Arcade
Our Price: $2,890.86
An original Pacman cocktail arcade.  It's hard to find em' like this anymore!  Please call for more information.
shoot endoskeletons, Hunter Killers, orbs and other enemies.
Time to have some fun!
Pre-played Arachnid Galaxy Video Dartboard Used Pump It Up Exceed 2 Used Pump It Up DX
Used Scorpion Video Dartboard
Our Price: $1,544.36
Get your groove on! Be the best on the DX!
Big Buck Hunter 2006 Call of the Wild Used Centipede Cocktail Triple Jam (Pre-played)
Used Triple Jam Arcade
Our Price: $3,951.86
The game has four different regions in which to hunt: Midwest, Northeast, South and West.
A true classic...
  • Dazzling Graphics
  • Entertaining Lights
  • Link Up To 6 Games
  • 1-4 Players
Used Asteroids Ridge Racer V Ferrari F355 Challenge
Used Asteroids Arcade
Our Price: $1,918.86
Used Ridge Racer V
Our Price: $4,974.43
One of the biggest arcade smash hits of all time.  Machine is all original! Ridge City is holding their road race around the city Come take the Ferrari F355 Challenge
Simpsons (pre-played) Scramble (pre-played) Tekken 3 (pre-played)
Simpsons (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,239.86
Scramble (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $1,490.00
Tekken 3 (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,025.86
4-player co-op game where players assume the roles of Homer, Marge, Bart, or Lisa Simpson The player controls a spaceship referred to in the game as a 'Jet' and has to guide it across a scrolling terrain, A basic 3-D fighting game. Players use standard moves such as throws and special kicks to deplete their opponent's life bar.
Tekken Tag (pre-played) Narc (pre-played) Gate of Doom (pre-played)
Narc (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $1,811.86
Characters from Tekken, Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 fight in a Tag Team Tournament Players walk from one level to the next, blasting and arresting bad guys, and picking up drugs and money for points Dungeon-crawling action in a three-quarters overhead view. You have the choice of four characters, Knight, Wizard
Soul Calibur 2 (pre-played) Neo Geo 4 (pre-played) Neo Geo 2 (pre-played)
Neo Geo 4 (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $1,997.86
Neo Geo 2 (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $1,890.86
The second game in the Soul series. The game features an 8-way run system that allows a player character A cartridge-based arcade system that allows one to four games to be loaded A cartridge-based arcade system that allows one to two games to be loaded
Time Soldiers (pre-played) NBA Maximum Hangtime (pre-played) Virtua Cop (pre-played)
Travel throughout various time periods to save your fellow comrades. Shoot the bad guys, save the innocent.
WWF WrestleFest (pre-played) Tempest (pre-played) Qix (pre-played)
Tempest (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,239.86
Qix (pre-played)
Our Price: $2,239.86
The wrestlers in this game include Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake, The Big Boss Man, Serge You control a yellow crab-shaped shooter that travels along the outside rim of a 3-dimensional tunnel Draw boxes to claim as much screen as possible without getting in the path of the "Qix" and "Sparx". Draw slower for more points and hope that you have enough coins. Simple but very addicting!
Burgertime (pre-played) Tron (pre-played) Zaxxon (pre-played)
Tron (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $3,416.86
Zaxxon (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,239.86
The object of the game is for Peter Pepper to assemble four giant burgers without colliding with Based on scenes from the Walt Disney movie of the same name You pilot an attack shuttle whose mission is to strafe the enemy's "Asteroid City".
Rastan (pre-played) Street Fighter (pre-played) Tetris (pre-played)
Rastan (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,239.86
Tetris (pre-played) Arcade
Our Price: $2,132.86
A barbarian's adventure across varying terrain while encountering an assortment of mythological creatures Two men face off against each other in martial arts matches held on streets in five different countries You must arrange bricks to form rows without the 'wall' getting too high, or it's game over
Used Turkey Hunter Tokyo Wars (pre-played) Virtua On
Used Turkey Hunter Arcade
Our Price: $2,028.00
Turkey Hunter is an interactive shooting game where players go hunting for wild turkeys.
A fast-paced tank simulator from Namco.
Take control of huge Mechs and fight opposing Mechs in a 3-D environment.
Sega Rally Championship (pre-played) Beach Head 2002 (pre-played) Galaga Upright (pre-played)
Race your car around the tracks and earn extra time by reaching checkpoints.
A virtual reality military combat game
Used Strike Zone Williams Shuffle Inn Puck Bowler Used Ice Ball Arcade
Used Strike Zone
Our Price: $3,630.86
Used Ice Ball Arcade
Our Price: $3,807.86
Press the button on the front of cabinet, at start of the game to select type of scoring desired.
  • 1-6 Players
  • Metal Puck Bowler
  • Automatic Pin Release
  • Easy Setup
Unique ICE balls take appearance of real ice
Pompeii Puck Bowler Pacman Cocktail Arcade
Pompeii Puck Bowler
Our Price: $3,416.86
Used Skee-ball Lightning
Our Price: $3,202.86
  • 1-6 Players
  • Metal Puck Bowler
  • Automatic Pin Release
  • Easy Setup
An original Pacman cocktail arcade.  It's hard to find em' like this anymore!  Please call for more information. The Premier version of the Skee-Ball product line!
Alley Cats Puck Bowler Strike Master Puck Bowler
Used Sega Outrun 2
Our Price: $3,209.28
The game that set the standard for what a driving game should be is back!  OutRun 2 delivers all the racing excitement and thrilling game play of the original smash hit plus a multitude of new features! Bring it down the alley! Machine is fully tested, cleaned and in 100% working condition.
Mario Kart Arcade GP DX The Dark Knight Pinball
Brand new and better than Mario Kart Arcade GP2! The next game in the extremely popular racing series is here! A great sequel to a popular hit arcade. Featuring all new missions, exciting new x-ray and thermal vision, 3 play modes: Story Mode, Shooting Rage, and Duel mode. Based on the new batman movie "The Dark Knight" pinball machine.
Monkeys is overstocked with used arcade games, used pinball machines, dartboards, jukeboxes, redemption equipment and more. If you don't see the used arcade game, used pinball machine, or whatever you're looking for just call us because chances are we may have it as our used inventory is frequently changing. If we don't have what you need, we will do our best to find it for you! Call us with even the most obscure game requests at 877-FUN-APE1.

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