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Soccer Simulator

With the RealSoccer simulator, players use real soccer balls to dribble and shoot on goalkeepers. Goalkeepers react in real-time to try and save each shot.

True Shooter vs. Goaltender Simulation
The soccer simulator user is the shooter in a one-on-one scenario against the goaltender. The shooter shoots on a ‘live’ goaltender. The object is to score as many goals in the session as possible. The more accurate and higher the velocity of the shot, the more likely the player/user is to score.

Realistic Perspective of the Soccer Simulator Goaltender and Net
The projected image size of the soccer simulator net and goaltender give an accurate perspective view that places the player/user inside the penalty area. The player/user shoots from various positions within the penalty area.

Soccer Simulator Realistic and Varied Goaltender Reactions
Using a unique combination of video and animation processes, the soccer simulator goaltender reacts just as a real goaltender would with unique save movements. Each save movement is unique based on the location and type of shot.  Based on the skill level of the soccer simulator goaltender selected and the abilities of the player/user, the result of the shot will be determined accordingly. (e.g. save, goal, shot misses the net).

Soccer Simulator Data Reporting and Analysis
During the player/user session, the system's scoreboard displays the following data:
- Number of shots taken
- The velocity of each shot
- The average velocity of all shots
- The number of goals scored
- The scoring percentage
- The time left in the session

After the session, a report summary is displayed that includes:
- Number of shots taken
- The average velocity of all shots
- The number of goals scored
- The scoring percentage

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